[linux-audio-user] Soundcards & preamps [a bit OT]

Christophe Vescovi vescovi at lpsc.in2p3.fr
Wed Jul 7 08:19:05 EDT 2004

R Parker a écrit :

> FMR looks interesting. Have you worked with their
> stuff?
Not personally. As I said this stuff is very difficult to find in 
Europe. If you google in the rec.pro.audio newsgroup you will find 
several opinions of the RNC (compressor) and RNP (preamp).

> FMR isn't the only option for affordable high end
> preamps. Check out the do it yourself (DIY) preamp
> kits at http://www.hamptone.com/

Interesting, but these are different beast, I think the hamptone pre 
must be much more colored (transformer, two stage jfet amplifier) and 
less versatile, but it can have an interesting sound in some situation. 
You can find a lot of DIY audio stuff, but you need time and skills ...
I have skills (I am an electronic engineer) but not so much time !!


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