[linux-audio-user] how good are soundfonts and where do I find them?

Rick Henry rhenry at ac-technologies.com
Wed Jul 7 17:14:46 EDT 2004

On Wed, 7 Jul 2004 21:14:36 +0100, tim hall wrote
> ...
> Over half of the soundfonts I've downloaded either don't work, sound 
> plain awful or consist of just one halfway decent sound, the palette 
> I'm looking for is quite limited, basically a decent fake orchestra 
> that will run comfortably in 192M RAM, with possibly some classic 
> keyboards (hammond, farfisa, vox, rhodes, wurly, mellotron type 
> stuff). i.e. the stuff that's hard to synthesise. 
> ...

I'm not sure if you've invested in sample sets prior to using Linux, but if
you have and still have a Windows machine running, one app you can purchase
fairly cheap (sub-$100) is translator pro from chickensys.  It translates
many, many formats from one to another.  Over the years I've invested a
sizeable chuck of cash on samples in various formats (AKAI, GIG, Halion), and
with the pgm doing the translation, I can use everything I've purchased on
various systems.  There are differences is the various formats (notably,
keyswitching not working in Soundfonts), but you can work around them.  

I'm still currently trying to get translator pro to run under Wine (damn
hidden file on the CD).

That said, is there a reason you're looking for free soundfonts (as opposed to
for sale)?  I mentioned it in a previous post, but I'll mention it again -
there are some commercial soundfonts (< $50) that will provide you with
exactly what you need.


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