[linux-audio-user] how good are soundfonts and where do I find them?

Rick Henry rhenry at ac-technologies.com
Thu Jul 8 11:16:22 EDT 2004

On Thu, 8 Jul 2004 15:25:39 +0100, tim hall wrote

> ... I'm also on a mission 
> to find out how far you can get in computer music on next to no 
> money (e.g. welfare). I intend to disseminate what I've discovered 
> once I've achieved the objective, which is to basically record an 
> album using GNU tools on low cost / donated hardware. I want to show 
> that it can not only be done, but done well. To this end the 
> soundfonts I use should really be GPL'd or CC'd.
> ...

That's an interesting and admirable mission.  It's taken awhile to get good,
stable GPL'd music software (some of which is about to turn "1.0").  I imagine
in time we'll also see some good GPL'd samplesets too.  I'm very interested in
the results you achieve.  Please keep us posted.


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