[linux-audio-user] Finale for Linux

reed stefano.cardo at fastwebnet.it
Thu Jul 8 15:11:05 EDT 2004

At 20.55 08/07/04, you wrote:

>Rosegarden can export to LilyPond, and it's a damn site nicer than Finale's PostScript export.  But printing stuff directly out of Rosegarden works well also.
>Finale also doesn't have any way of viewing or editing MIDI events directly, AFAIK.
>-- Brett

Please Brett... Let Midi and Postscript away for a moment...
Did you ever made a copy or a change score for playing that can be a little similar to the original from Schott, Henle, BMG, Suvini Zerboni, or other printed score?

I desire an open source tool, really!!

But for the moment, googling scores edited by lilypond, I'ven't found anything really good... and a lot of time to typesetting it...

Sometime I have to change details in some scores and send it to my friend: with finale I do it in few minute... Most of professional instrument players don't need any MIDI playback... they know very well how the score plays..

I hope you can understand my sadness...


Stefano Cardo
Debian DeMuDi GNU/Linux User 

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