[linux-audio-user] Finale for Linux

Chris Pickett chris.pickett at mail.mcgill.ca
Thu Jul 8 16:26:04 EDT 2004

Them wrote:
> R Parker wrote:
>>It certainly isn't beyound me to wish that a company
>>with a high grade product would port to linux.
>>However, my feelings for that have changed. My current
>>position is, fuck them. This our community, let's keep
>>it that way. We need to put leeches on our own hooks.
>>I am prepared to spend $10.00 or $15.00 towards the
>>purchase of something if I know that money will be
>>well spent. If a couple hundred of us do that, we'll
>>make a hell of a contribution to our favorite project.
>>The more I think about giving $500.00 U.S. to a closed
>>project, the more pissed off I get. I'm tell'n ya, I'm
>>turning purple over here. Actually, I just had a
>>breakthrough on the drum kit so I'm not very purple.
> It was only a couple of years that ago that people started taking Linux 
> seriously for graphics work, and it is becoming more and more prominent 
> especially in the motion picture post-production/visual FX industry... 
> open source/free software even, not just ports of commercial 
> applications.  I can only hope that people will start taking Linux for 
> audio use seriously... especially for the starving musician who can;t 
> afford to shell out $500 for Finale or $700 or more for DAW software.

In that case, it would seem to be a good idea to go after the users of 
pirated music apps, which are widely available on p2p networks, and 
convince them to switch.  The viable arguments I can think of are, "you 
don't have to feel guilty; you can talk without worry about the software 
you've got installed; if you want a feature or enhancement you can 
communicate with the developers; you don't have to worry about 
downloading 10 versions of Cubase SX trying to find one that works; and 
upgrades are generally seamless."

That's the reality.  You can get $10000 of pro studio software with a 
couple days of downloading in Windows, and that's why I think more 
people aren't using Linux for audio.  In fact, it's for reasons like 
this that sometimes I think I'm almost _pro_ DRM / M$ pwnz you / big 
brother is eating your babies for breakfast kind of software and 


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