[linux-audio-user] Finale for Linux

Chris Pickett chris.pickett at mail.mcgill.ca
Fri Jul 9 10:46:45 EDT 2004

RickTaylor at Speakeasy.Net wrote:
> On 08-Jul-2004 Chris Pickett wrote:

> }  I've encountered / heard of very few shareware developers who actually 
> }  make a decent programmer's wages from their software.
>  Do you always want to work for someone else? I think there needs to be room
> for both... just like in other businesses.

Well, I guess there's the whole consulting option for free software 
developers, i.e. develop features for a fee.  There's nothing that stops 
the developer from keeping the changes private between him and the 
client either, if the client is worried about competition.  Personally, 
I want to work for somebody else, but in an environment where I feel 
like it's working for myself, but serving the rest of society (e.g. 
university, research institute, whatever).  Working for customers and 
clients just isn't what I want.

> } > {:} Might be nice if some of the winstuff I've already paid for would port
> } > though. {The vst server does take care of some of that}}
> }  
> }  Personally, the proliferation of shareware (a.k.a. crippleware), demo 
> }  versions, watermarked pages, expiry dates, registration keys, etc. etc. 
> }  etc. was one of the biggest reasons I stopped using Windows in the first 
> }  place.  It drove me nuts!  Of course I wasn't prepared to pay for 
> }  something if I wasn't even sure to use it regularly (and boy am I glad 
> }  as a consumer that I didn't).  But I have donated to projects that do 
> }  fill a real need in my life, whether with development time, bug reports, 
> }  or money, and will continue to do so.  Everyone can do that, and more 
> }  often than not it seems like there is a greater benefit.
>  Much of that is fixed... It's simple matter to buy stuff now. I don't have a
> problem with donating to projects when I have the cash. {At the moment I don't}
> I would rather just pay for something.
>  You are probably right about the greater good... I'm a strong believer in
> choice though.

I guess ultimately I have the opinion that since we have this amazing 
free operating system, that's literally been the product of a 
generation's work, it doesn't make sense to turn it into a wasteland. 
We've already got Windows for that ...

> }  I don't mean to flame, rehash a tired ages-old conflict, or come across 
> }  as a raving Linux Fanatic (believe me, I do recognize that there are 
>  Don't worry about it... Say what you think. I {we} will live through it. It's
> much more frustrating when someone doesn't.

Depends on who they are ;)

> }  several places where Linux cannot hold a candle to Windows), but please: 
> }  let's make investments that ultimately benefit everybody, not just the 
> }  developer (assuming the average small-time shareware / moneyware 
> }  developer even really "benefits") and the immediate end user.
> }  
> }  Cheers, and let's not have a totally silly fight,
>  I don't think we're having a fight at all.

Well, I wanted to make a pre-emptive comment.  I wasn't meaning to 
presume ... it's just that I seem to have this knack for inciting people 
to say really hostile things (although, I like to think it's not ALWAYS 
me that has issues ...) :-P


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