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RickTaylor at Speakeasy.Net RickTaylor at Speakeasy.Net
Fri Jul 9 15:31:32 EDT 2004

On 09-Jul-2004 tim hall wrote:
}  Last Thursday 08 July 2004 21:48, RickTaylor at speakeasy.net was like:
} > Linux is an excellent solution for 2d graphics. {Tho' convincing the
} > Photoshop acolyte of this is beyond difficult.}
}  This argument about porting Finale or Sibelius is a bit like suggesting we
}  put pressure on Photoshop to port to Linux.

 Photoshop already runs under Wine. I don't think it's necessary anyway. I'm
pretty sure Illustrator does as well. 

Adobe used to be really supportive of linux. I'm not sure what happened with
that. Stuff on linux tends to be a bit more art/experiment oriented than
commercial. I think you could easily run a commercial studio with linux though.
Pre-press has made huge advances... I don't really know what hardware support
is like though. {For drum printers, etc...}

 I don't see anything wrong with asking. I don't think anyone should be
"pressuring" I don't see why any company wouldn't jump at the chance to extend
their user base. Large commercial apps have a pretty lousy track record on
linux though. {FrameMaker, Corel Draw... I think Mediascape may have given up
on Artstream... I had no idea you could still get WordPerfect
http://www.linuxmafia.com/wpfaq/downloadwp8.html#DOWNLOADURL , linuxlinks.com
still has a lot of commercial apps listed, etc...} I don't know if that's
because linux users are sans cash or because of competition with open source

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