[linux-audio-user] A Pleasant Evening

Marv Smoak smoak at MIS.NET
Sun Jul 11 02:05:15 EDT 2004

This evening turned out to be exceptional.  Just three of us were around to 
play and Don called early (has an early call in the morning for serious golf).
So at seven the three of us started; second time to find the chords and line
to "Begin the Begin the Beguine"; made progress then switched to "Theme for 
the Eulipians" to relax.  Me on alto sax; Randall on flute/basss; Don guitar.
Then (big bad, phd drama) John shows up; in a good mood.  Then my daugher 
Julie and Sher, my wife; both good singers, good ears.  Don changed his plan
and kept playing way past 9:00.  And at 10:30 he suggested we move down to the
CCI to hear Rodger;  I said OK if we take our axes.

All but Sher move there and it clicks.  Rodger is fun to play to.  Good crowd
and great weather (small neighborhood club;  opens to padio in back).  Home 
by 1:00 listening to "Jazz After Hours" on my Planet-CCRMA machine.

All of the above to say: Thanks audio-folks.  Our playing is improving and
Songbird2 (the Linux machine) is a major asset.  For me, the major benefit
has been from listening.  I'm a student of theory and a ear player.  Good
equipment helps.  Two fine altos; good flute; Linux powered keyboard, jazz
radio most anytime, ...  

So thanks, folks.  I enjoyed playing tonight.

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