[linux-audio-user] Re: Fresh PC waiting for basic installation - Advice?

Free Ekanayaka free78 at tin.it
Sun Jul 11 03:18:02 EDT 2004

|--==> "AC" == Alastair Couper <kalepa at shaka.com> writes:

  AC> Alejandro Lopez wrote:
  >>Many thanks for the time and effort spent on giving advice, it's much
  >>Basically, you guys have recommended:
  >>-Mandrake + Thac's RPMs (Robert)
  >>-DeMuDi (Tim and Stefano)
  >>-Planet CCRMA (Jan)
  AC> I've never gotten a clear picture on this :

  AC> What difference does the target processor for the various distros make ?
  AC> Is there enough difference between the i386 i586 i686 based distros to
  AC> be worth anything ? I had assumed that compiling your own kernel for
  AC> your specific processor was a Good Thing (tm). I figured that building
  AC> these other apps for your processor would be a slight advantage too. An
  AC> i386 based distro for multimedia doesn't make sense if the apps aren't
  AC> making use of the various enhancements available in P4 or K7 based
  AC> systems, unless those enhancements don't count for much in real life.

As I mentioned  on my  previous reply  on the  subject, A/DeMuDi comes
with  optimised  kernels  of 386/586tsc/686/k6/k7. The  installer will
detect your processor and pick the right kernel for it.


Free Ekanayaka

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