[linux-audio-user] distros

Robert Jonsson rj at spamatica.se
Tue Jul 13 09:00:00 EDT 2004

On Tuesday 13 July 2004 14.11, kmd wrote:
> Timothy Alan Gorman wrote:
> > Brian Redfern wrote:
> >> I like suse 9.2 myself, but I install for free over ftp, and then grab
> >> all
> >> of the development libraries so its easy to recompile from source when I
> >> need to.
> >> The other distro I like is demudi, but suse 9.2 comes with the 2.6
> >> kernel,
> >> so my usb stuff works better than with the 2.4 kernel, and I don't
> >> have to
> >> recompile my kernel to have decent latency performance.
> >
> > Check out audioslack....
> > (slackware packages)
> anyone using mandrake 10.0 for audio stuff? 


> i have an RME digipad96/8 
> pad. use sound with alsa+jack, installed ardour, rosegarden, several
> synths,.. it's nice to see how audio is steadily growing on linux. but i
> was wondering about the kernel. can i use the 2.6 kernel or should i use
> the special compiled multimedia 2.4 kernel (for mandrake, via contrib
> sources). and i have trouble as well to play with jack without being
> root, but i guess i need to do some more tweaking and experimenting there.

It seems you have not checked out Thacs rpms (rpm.nyvalls.se). That would be a 
really good thing I think.
There are lots of audio oriented rpms as well as links to other rpms you might 
need (including 2.6 kernels with all patches).

Actually, I'm still using kernel 2.4 (probably the one you refer to), but this 
is because I can't get my usb keyboard and mouse to work :-/ I think the 
usb-chipset is badly supported or somesuch... others seem to have much better 



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