[linux-audio-user] remapping midi notes

Joey Reid joe at joeyreid.com
Tue Jul 13 14:49:02 EDT 2004

hi all - i hope this message gets through, since i seem to have been 
having a problem posting to this list - well here goes!

i was wondering what would be the best way to remap midi notes. what i 
mean by this is turning a "C" into a "G". The reason why I want to do 
this is because I am using hydrogen as a drum sequencer, and I want to 
be able to control it with my el-cheapo yamaha digital (midi) drum kit. 
unfortunately, the pads on the drum kit trigger the wrong notes. they 
are programmable, but the kit does not preserve memory when the unit is 
switched off, so I would have to reprogram it every time.

the other alternative would be to create custom drum kits, but that 
would be time-consuming, and i would like to be able quickly switch 
instruments within the kit.

i keep seeing people mentioning pd for this kind of stuff, but i 
haven't found any documentation that would help me understand how to 
use pd. if someone could point me at a tutorial on manipulating midi 
with pd for idiots i would be grateful.

Joey Reid aka Dr.Whiz-Bang
Geek, musician, and friend of God

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