[linux-audio-user] distros

David M eseol at tiscali.co.uk
Wed Jul 14 06:18:01 EDT 2004

On Tuesday 13 July 2004 21:11, David M wrote:
> Hi
> Can I just at this point whole heartedly recommend debian - certainly the
> so called unstable branch.  I must admit that messing with lowlat and
> preemptive patch has been messy. However after reading the last few days of
> debate about the problems with the 2.6 kernel.  I decided to try debian
> stock 2.6.7 and i must admit that it seems to work as good -but probably
> better than the 2.4ll+pre.  This is of course using the LD_ASSUME stuff.
> One point though if somebody knows how to set global environment variables
> that work within the point and click environment within kde (.profile
> doesnt seem to work) I certainly would like to know.
> Dave

Thanks to everyone who replied /etc/environment did the job


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