[linux-audio-user] Linux music notation editor criteria

Jonathan Segel jsegel at magneticmotorworks.com
Wed Jul 14 17:57:58 EDT 2004

>  As promised, here's a set of test criteria used by Alan Belkin in 
>his 1994 review of
>Special/custom notation:
>    unusual staves
>    simultaneous key signatures
>    unconventional time signatures

as was pointed out recently (in re: MIDI) on the SuperCollider list, 
commercial software development responds to its customer base's 
desires (to a certain extent) and the less desirable elements rarely 
make it into the releases.
one thing that i've always had to fudge in notation programs is 
"free" time. imagine morton feldman trying to use finale (or 
whatever) - headless notes put in places relative to one another 
rather than a grid. in most programs i have used (digital 
composer/mosaic, finale, sibelius) stem lengths can be shortened to 
zero, but placement has to be fooled by  adding invisible rests. what 
a pain.
most scores i have made in the past few years have started in a 
notation program and moved the files into a graphics program fairly 
quickly. the ability to save a notation file as a  graphic file is a 
must, unless the notation program has major graphic editign 
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