[linux-audio-user] Timidity patches -- one per track?

Mark Wilson mrmoo1231 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 15 17:30:57 EDT 2004

I've tried to find in the timidity manpage how to
accomplish this, but no luck so far:
I generated a three-voice file with the old
Rosegarden, and exported it as a MIDI file.  The three
voices each take one staff, to which I assigned
different patches.  When I play the file on CLI, just
as basic and straightforward as you please, I hear the
three parts with different instruments, no problem.

The feedback I get from the prompt lists Track 1,
Track2, Track 3, logically enough.

If I specify a different patch with the -P option, all
three voices (in the polyphonic sense) have the same
timbre-- the one I specified with the P switch.

The burning question:  How can I specify a different
patch for different tracks?  If it's in the manual,
tell me where?


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