[linux-audio-user] Re: [a-users] Re: [a-devel] File system and Voluntary Kernel Preemption

Malcolm Baldridge linux-audio at paypc.com
Fri Jul 16 04:33:13 EDT 2004

>  Some of these fixes were to
> extremely important areas (get_user_pages, a fix for
> framebuffer-scrolling issue, and more). 

It goes against common sense (to anyone with kernel knowledge) to use the
console framebuffer anyway.

The duration of kernel locks and the CPU expense of blowing bitmaps around
like that are shocking.

Seriously.  Use text-mode consoles, or a native AGP-driver a la nvidia, ati,
or whatever.  But using a "stupid" framebuffer driver is asking for hardcore
latency blow-outs.


A focus on Quality.

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