[linux-audio-user] SCORE for UNIX/Linux ?

Peter Lutek plutek at infinity.net
Fri Jul 16 10:37:38 EDT 2004

On Fri, 2004-07-16 at 08:19, Dave Phillips wrote:
> Greetings:
>   Does anyone know whether Leland Smith's famous SCORE runs under Linux 
> ? I'm not even sure how to go about acquiring SCORE, but it sounds 
> interesting enough for me to go looking for it. Anyone ?
>   I understand that it can be run under DOS emulators for the Mac, 
> perhaps it can be run under DOSemu.
> Best regards,
> dp
dave -

i have run SCORE under DOS and Windows for many years, and have been
recently evaluating available linux alternatives. a working SCORE under
DOSemu would certainly be nice. it does use a key disk for copy
protection - don't know if that might present a problem for DOSemu.

i will give it a try and report back. 

note that i am using v3.1 (ca. 1993), which is not uncommon amongst many
SCORE users, but the current version (with some important changes) is

see www.scoremus.com for info, including ordering.


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