[linux-audio-user] SCORE for UNIX/Linux ?

Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Fri Jul 16 12:33:25 EDT 2004

Hi Peter:

  Some of DOSemu's console graphics modes are available only when run as 
root. The ~/.dosemurc file contains a number of switches and settings 
for X and console graphics, be sure to study them. Thank you for this 
report, I hope you can succeed at running SCORE under the emulator.

Best regards,


Peter Lutek wrote:

>ok...... progress so far:
>dosemu installed - OK
>score installed - OK
>score run - partially OK (splashscreen OK, reading key disk OK, setting
>VGA 640x480 mode NOT OK)
>this is my first foray into dosemu, so i don't know the details of
>getting a DOS program to access graphics modes, as required. i'll read
>the docs, but in the meantime if anyone has any quick hints, feel
>'til later -

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