[linux-audio-user] wav (or something other) to mmf converter

Brett W. McCoy idragosani at chapelperilous.net
Fri Jul 16 16:06:46 EDT 2004

Andrew Gaydenko wrote:
> It is common file extension for SMAF file, if I understand well.
> Fragment from http://smaf-yamaha.com/what/about.html:
> "...SMAF stands for "Synthetic music Mobile Application Format", 
> and is a multimedia data format invented by the YAMAHA CORPORATION.
> The SMAF specification defines a format for multimedia files which
> can be played back on hand-held portable devices. The SMAF file has
> the virtue that files sizes are small relative to those of 
> comparable formats, such as SMF (standard MIDI)..."

Maybe you can try running the tools on the site under Wine.

Yamaha provides the specification on their site.  Maybe someone will 
write a native Linux tool someday based on that.

-- Brett
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