[linux-audio-user] PG Music: Band-In-A-Box and PowerTracks

davidrclark at earthlink.net davidrclark at earthlink.net
Sat Jul 17 01:06:49 EDT 2004

I wasn't sure whether people knew this or not, but both Band-In-A-Box 2004 
and PowerTracks Pro 9 from PG Music work under Wine (20040615, for example).

Band-In-A-Box 2004 looks and works much like under Windows.  PowerTracks has 
a couple of odd behaviors, but I found it interesting that they worked as 
well as they do.  I have not gotten the notation to work yet; I'm not that
familiar with Wine.  It appears that the TTF's require a server.  That
is quite an omission, but it looks interesting in comparison to Rosegarden
and Muse.

If this is old news, I apologize, but a search didn't uncover anything
recent at LAU.


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