[linux-audio-user] APIC is bad?

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Sat Jul 17 07:12:49 EDT 2004

Last Friday 16 July 2004 18:08, Mark Knecht was like:
> In my mind there is no cange in the IRQ service routines no matter which
> sort of machine I work on. If I place a sound card on the worst
> interrupt vector (highest number) and, let's say, I put a bthersome
> Ethernet NIC on the highest priority vector (lowest number) then
> logically I would guess that the Ethernet interrupts will get in the way
> of the sound card doing it's work and we'll get more xruns.

Slight side issue, while you guys are on the subject.

I have my soundcard (an onboard i8x0) sharing an interrupt (IRQ 11) with eth0 
and usb-uhci. Would this be likely to give rise to xruns in a similar way? 
I'd kind of resigned myself to this situation until such time as I upgrade my 
hardware. Could any of the things you're discussing be applied to move eth0 
and usb-uhci  to a lower priority, or is it just a question of physically 
moving the ethernet card? It seems like some dumb corner cutting exercise, as 
the box was clearly only ever intended for office use.

If you find this problem remotely interesting, I'd value any suggestions.


tim hall

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