[linux-audio-user] APIC is bad? What about hdparm?

Malcolm Baldridge linux-audio at paypc.com
Sat Jul 17 08:46:09 EDT 2004

Quoting Joe Button <linux-audio-user at joebutton.co.uk>:

> Hm, anyone know what the score is with SATA drives? My hdparm refuses to
> touch them 'cos the kernel thinks they're SCSI, which obviously they 
> aren't, really. Is it necessary / possible to tune them?

I should hope not.  The tuning shouldn't be seen as a "feature" per se, but
rather a dim reflection of the miserable state of affairs that is/was IDE. 
Chipset timing issues, legacy polled-mode nonsense have been a thing of the
past even for parallel IDE, but the Linux IDE driver and accompanying
mindset reflects a conservative (paranoid?) focus which was probably quite
justified given the very real risks of severe data loss.

hdparm works fine with SCSI, but you are constrained in what you can change.
 Write-protection and things like driver read-ahead and maybe write caching
(on the drive controller).  That's about it.  It's possible the SATA Linux
drivers don't support the ioctls hdparm uses.  Make sure your hdparm is a
recent version.  Tuning driver read-ahead and write-caching are still
reasonable functions for system administrators to control.

The rest of the IDE stuff shouldn't apply to SATA unless the standards
committees have done a real botched job of things.

A focus on Quality.

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