[linux-audio-user] Virtual Mixing Desk

Stanley Jaddoe linux-audio-user at terabytemusic.cjb.net
Sat Jul 17 09:48:04 EDT 2004

On Saturday 17 July 2004 15:20, Kjetil Svalastog Matheussen wrote:
> I am not able to reconstruct the linebroken links, and I would like to see
> the pictures. Do you think you could tinyurl them? (http://www.tinyurl.com)

my post on agnula's list: http://tinyurl.com/5hw55
my diagram on agnula's list: http://tinyurl.com/6e5y6
(if it doesn't work, there's a link to the diagram at the left at  
http://tinyurl.com/5hw55 )
The Cubase mixer: http://tinyurl.com/4pelx

I thought the < > would prevent url line breaks...  :-/


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