[linux-audio-user] Virtual Mixing Desk

Jos Laake jos at radiks.net
Sun Jul 18 05:29:41 EDT 2004

Olivier Guilyardi wrote:

> Recently, trying the Hydrogen drum-machine (http://hydrogen.sf.net), I 
> just caught myself thinking : "that is the nicest mixer that has ever 
> run on my desktop". The buttons look and ergonomy are amazing, the small 
> led meters are _smooth_, and the whole takes _little_ desktop space. The 
> way it handles effects plugins is efficient too, I think.
> I believe, one should extract this mixer from the Hydrogen project, and 
> make it a standalone Jack app. I didn't look at the code, but it 
> shouldn't be that hard, no ?

I didn't see anybody respond to this so I will.
I think this is a brilliant idea!  I also love
the Hydrogen mixer.  Excellent design IMHO.
I'd be willing to be a tester and maybe do some
support work for this project.


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