[linux-audio-user] LADSPA Bandpass Plugin

Jeff Mashaw jeffrey.mashaw at asu.edu
Wed Jul 21 00:45:27 EDT 2004

I have been trying to create a test CD to use for tuning a PA system in a 
large auditorium, and I need a pink noise generator and a band pass filter to 
create "test tones" at each one of the frequencies on the eq.  I am
DeMuDi, and using ardour as a recorder.  I have a myriad of LADSPA plugins 
including a pink noise generator, but I cannot find a simple bandpass filter 
that allows me to dial in the precise frequency and the bandwidth.  I have 
tried the TAP plugs, the CMT plugs, and the SWH plugs, and as far as I can 
tell none have exactly what I need.  If anyone can help me or knows where to 
find what I am looking for, that would be great.


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