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Neil Durant lists at sphere3.co.uk
Wed Jul 21 06:46:37 EDT 2004

Juhana Sadeharju wrote:
> >From: Neil Durant <lists at sphere3.co.uk>
> >
> >Incidentally, would there be any copyright issues sampling the Mellotron
> >tapes and redistributing?  After all they're recordings like anything else.
> Maybe. Anyone knows email address of the guy who originally made
> Mellotrons? www.mellotron.com guy has purchased the original tape
> masters but that does not mean the sounds elsewhere are his property.

I believe the best people to contact would be Martin Smith and John Bradley
(son of Les Bradley, the inventor of the Mellotron), at Streetly
Electronics.  They have all of the original masters (and I assume the
rights to them), and make new tapes as well as servicing Mellotrons etc.

Have a look at the website:


Neil Durant
<lists at sphere3.co.uk>

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