[linux-audio-user] CPU clock - beware

Mark Knecht mknecht at controlnet.com
Wed Jul 21 09:29:53 EDT 2004

Maarten de Boer wrote:
> Hi Matthew,
> Your CPU clock is not the only clock with problems: your mail's date is
> set at Jan 1th 2002. :-) 
> I also underclock my system. I run an AMD1700 which I could run at 1,4
> GHz at 1,1 GHz, only to keep the temperature lower, and thus the CPU-fan
> speed (and noise). If I set it at 1,4 GHz, I get freezes like you
> describe, but it is indeed very strange that in your case it only
> happens in Linux. Anyway, you might want to check the CPU temperature,
> maybe your fan is broken, or the heatsink it not making good contact?
> maarten

Sadly one of my machines is more stable being underclocked by about 
3%-5% IIRC. Not sure if it's heat or something else. I've run it with 
the case open, extra fans, etc. It just wasn't happy. I lowered the 
speed a bit and it runs like a normal machine.

BTW - Except for Seti at Home I am not able to see this speed drop at the 
applciation level.

- Mark

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