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>mercoledì, 21 luglio 2004 alle 09:52:44, Polashek, Matthew ha scritto:
>> AKG 240m are fairly standard in studios.  Very good quality.
>I have these too, and they sound great.

Thanks all!

I looked to AKG 240m, but I don't like the close system, sometimes I need to listen clearly to collegues who are playing with me, and with close systems it is So hard...

there is another thing important for my hears: the pressure... Sennheiser has 3.5 N... I don't really know what does it means, but I try to listen to Strauss "Domestic symphony" and the sound was completely better for my hears: no hard pressure when trombones, tuba, timpanies and grand cass play so loud!!! with AKG my hear hurt after a minute...

I think I will go to an open system... but let me know what do you think about it!

thanks so much!!!


Stefano Cardo
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