[linux-audio-user] Good Studio Hearphones

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Jul 21 15:30:36 EDT 2004

Polashek, Matthew hat gesagt: // Polashek, Matthew wrote:

> AKG make 2 levels of resistance headphones.  The ones that can be
> "hard to drive" are 600 ohm.  They now make several versions that
> are around 55 ohm I think which is significantly less resistant
> resulting in needing a less powerful amplifier.

That's true, and because of this, AKG isstill selling out the older
models very cheap. I got my own 240DF for little money. 240DF is the
the reference headphone at german radio stations. I see them
everywhere at work. Still for our PCs at work, we bought the lower
resistance newer AKG-140 models, because the directly plug into the
soundcard there. I think, AKG phones rock. Very nice to wear and good

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