[linux-audio-user] Good Studio Hearphones

Erik Steffl steffl at bigfoot.com
Fri Jul 23 04:44:57 EDT 2004

Florin Andrei wrote:
> On Thu, 2004-07-22 at 19:43, Erik Steffl wrote:
>>Florin Andrei wrote:
... HD580 reference snipped ...
>>I was under impression they were 
>>replaced by slightly cheaper HD570 and same/price or slightly more 
>>expensive HD590
> But aren't 570 discontinued too?

   http://www.sennheiserusa.com/ still lists them, their site is 
somewhat confusing, they have fuzzy categories, some heaphones are in 
few of them, HD570 is in Home entertainment only (while other HD5* are 
also in Audiophile)...

   but they also list HD580! and I couldn't find them anywhere when I 
was looking (2 yrs ago?). Weird.

>>   I tested both HD570 ($130) and HD590 ($200?) and I liked HD570 more, 
>>slightly cleaner sound, then again I tested them with mp3 player 
>>(PJB-100) so take it with grain of salt:-)
> Interesting. Me too, I was unimpressed by the 590. They felt bland when
> compared to the 600.
> I'm itching to try out the 595 which some say it's Sennheiser's answer
> to the critiques that it typically has a "too laid-back sound" (i think
> they're confusing transparency with being laid-back, but maybe that's
> just me).

   for me: HD570 are perfect for half of my music - prince, vanessa-mae, 
cibo-matto, even chuck berry. I guess you could find better headphones 
for link wray, sex pistols, dead kennedys (maybe those would need 
_lower_ quality headphones, I am not an expert:-) I wonder how would 
HD600 sound (I guess I'll take iPod for test drive:-)


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