[linux-audio-user] good studio monitors

Mark Knecht mknecht at controlnet.com
Fri Jul 23 16:21:51 EDT 2004

R Parker wrote:
> Maybe the only thing I've learned is that I'd aproach
> another purchase decision the same way and hope for
> better luck next time. 

Bob Katz's book had some interesting comments about this sort of stuff, 
basically coming down to the idea (my paraphrasing here) that mixing 
monitors are not meant for 'enjoyment' but for 'task'. We all get to the 
point where we can do a good mix with whatever monitors we own. However, 
we don't always 'enjoy' the sound of those monitors. We understand they 
are too bright, harsh, muddy, whatever the appropriate adjective, but we 
get the job done and the mix ends up sounding good on most systems. I 
think he's basically right.

That said, I'd rather mix on monitors I really enjoy, but I cannot 
afford to... ;-)

- Mark

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