[linux-audio-user] CPU clock - beware

Rick B zajelo3 at cfl.rr.com
Fri Jul 23 17:32:19 EDT 2004

tim hall wrote:

>Hmm, another very useful thread. It prompted me to have a look at my BIOS, 
>which I'm generally a bit nervous about looking at too closely.
>I'm using an AOpen MX3W motherboard with a Celeron Coppermine 600MHz 
>processor. I wondered if the CPU speed was set rather low at 66.8 x 3.5, so I 
>upped the multiplier to 8 (max) to bring the result to 566, which I think 
>works with having an FSB of 100MHz. My system seems perfectly happy so far, 
>in fact I'd almost swear it was running cooler, but I've not checked. I don't 
>think the increase in speed of the delivery of graphics to the screen is my 
>imagination. Sorry, that's a bit of a fluffy explanation. If I'm obviously 
>heading for trouble here, I'd appreciate the warning.
>In any case thanks for the discussion. From here, I think with a faster Hard 
>Drive and some more memory I'm going to feel like I've got a whole new 
>Thanks again.
>tim hall
       Yes, I would think that you would notice a big difference. If 
before adjusting you had a 66.8mhz fsb x 3.5 multiplier = 233.8mhz and 
after you have a 66.8mhz fsb x 8.0 = 566mhz. You might want to check and 
see if you have a fan on your cpu (I have a 566mhz that doesn't), if not 
and you do notice instability adding one would probably fix it. Also if 
you dont have a fan now, adding one for $10 is a cheap way to  overclock 
it. I'm wondering though, where does the 100mhz fsb you mentioned come 
in? You will either have a 66.8mhz fsb times a multiplier or a 100mhz 
fsb times a multiplier
        As far as memory goes, I think most people that read this list 
would agree that you can never have to much. When you run out of 
physical ram and have to swap to disk it slows the machine waaayy down 
(and causes dropouts).

                Rick B

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