[linux-audio-user] [OT] good studio monitors

Jamie Guinan guinan at bluebutton.com
Fri Jul 23 17:35:40 EDT 2004

On Fri, 23 Jul 2004, R Parker wrote:

> --- Jamie Guinan <guinan at bluebutton.com> wrote:
> > 
> > Funny, I just got a pair of 824's a few weeks ago, and I found that
> > the bass was really weak in my intended "sweet spot" position
> > (speakers are a few feet apart on a shelf, against the wall, at ear
> > level).
> > 
> > Turns out I have some serious acoustic issues.  The bass all but
> > disappears around the point between the front and back walls (standing
> > wave?),

  [ I get it now: a standing wave is where it builds up, but I was
    experiencing cancellation  ]

> > but I discovered that there's a lot of bass "hiding" in the
> > corner, very loud and boomy there.
> Your room probably needs some accoustical design work.
> To build a standing bass wave a minimum amount of
> square footage needs to exist, (I forget the amount).
> Otherwise, you won't hear the bass and you will
> artificially boost it in your mixes. Then when you
> play it back in a car or wherever and the mixes will
> be very bass heavy.
> I think one other issue is wave cancelation but I'm
> not so sure about this. Assume a 12 foot long room
> with source against one wall. Cancelation will occur
> where the waves meet which is at six feet. So, you
> don't want to locate the mixing chair in the
> cancelation zone.

I think cancellation is the main problem, while the corners are building
up energy.

<snip primer>

Thanks for the primer, that was very helpful!  I'll try and do some
measurements before I go investing in anything.  The first thing I think
I need to do move my system that the speakers are facing in the longer
dimension of the room (its a finished basement, roughly 15x30ft, carpeted 
floor, fiberglass tile ceiling with insulation above it).


p.s.  As a token gesture toward on-topicness, I'm driving all this with a
Delta66 on Linux (2.6.7 - yes I've felt the latency problems, meaning to
try Ingo or whoever's patches).  Just learning my way around Ardour and
other tools, good stuff...

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