[linux-audio-user] CPU clock - beware

Stefan Scheffler stefanscheffler at gmx.net
Sat Jul 24 10:12:34 EDT 2004

tim hall schrieb:

>I'm as sure as can be that the processor is supported at 100 FSB - i.e. this 
>is stated quite clearly in the hardcopy manual. I'm that nervous about 
>fiddling with hardware that I wouldn't bother with a move like this unless 
>there were strong indications that this is _the_ right setting.
hmm ... are you sure about the type of processor? AFAIK only Celerons 
+700 mhz support a 100mz fsb.
Intel has a utility to check cpu information bus speed and so on .. 
sadly it's windows/dos only: 

>Well, I'm running at 100MHz x 6 right now.
>I take full responsibility for my actions.
>Are there any signs I should watch out for?
freezes, crashes(segfaults usually), screen artifacts, corruption all 
that interesting stuff. :)

another neat utility for stress testing is cpuburn you can get it here:

or as a simple benchmark glxgears in software mode.

>I think it's probably more a question of me explaining badly. I think I've 
>just set it to the maximum I can get with this mobo & processor. The one 
>weirdness is that the processor is now being detected as 900MHz, which is not 
>true. Perhaps the 1800 bogomips reading is, I don't know.
now that is uh  ... interesting  ... so within two days you like almost 
quadrupled your processor speed .. congratulations :D

could you post the output of "cat /proc/cpuinfo"? I'd love to see that. :)

just FYI:
"model name      :" should tell you the name and aometimes the design 
speed of the cpu
"cpu MHz" the real current speed
"bogomips" issome weird timing value I have no idea what it means exactly

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