[linux-audio-user] command-line recording software

Jan Weil jan.weil at web.de
Mon Jul 26 08:49:56 EDT 2004

On Mon Jul 26 14:09:34 2004 Michael Kamleitner wrote:
> for recording dj-sets in clubs (which we present at
> http://www.play-fm.net) I'm currently looking for a small & nice linux
> command-line app. which can record from line-in. it has to support
> both .mp3 and .wav-format and has to be stable for let's say
> 10h-sessions as well ;)
> can you suggest me some tools? 


You will need lame for mp3 encoding.

Recording is as simple as
ecasound -i:/dev/dsp0 -o:somefile.wav
ecasound -i:/dev/dsp0 -o:somefile.mp3

Take a look at Ecasound's examples at

If you consider Ecasound too complicated - I admit that it takes some
time to get used to the concept of Chains and Chainsetups - take a look
at arecord(1) which comes with alsa-utils (assuming you are using ALSA
drivers). It can record to simple pcm formats (voc, wav, raw and au)
and you could pipe its output to lame.



Jan Weil

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