[linux-audio-user] THANKS, LINUX AUDIO!

Jos Laake jos at radiks.net
Mon Jul 26 16:22:55 EDT 2004

I know this is a "me, too" post, but seriously...
I'm on a mission to dump Whinedoze *out* of my life.
When I started down the Linux audio path, it was no
turning back!

I've thought about getting back into coding several
times when I saw places where I felt a need, but I've
been so dang busy with the other aspects of my life.
Wouldn'tcha know, within a month, almost every feature
I've wished for has shown up somewhere.  Yesss!!  Linux
Audio Coders *ROCK*!

It also reminds me that there are younger and faster
coders out there who are coming up with all this great
stuff, and I already *did* my 20 years of coding time
(mostly in RTOS subsystems) and now its my time to take
this 20 YEARS worth of accumulated music inside me that
I set aside while I was doing *my* coding and get it
*outside* of me. :-)

And *that* wouldn't be possible without Linux Audio Coders
cuz after 20 years in development, I sure as *hell* don't
want to do any more work on Microsuck machines!

Thanks again, y'all!

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