[linux-audio-user] [ANN] New MIDI Router/Filter

Matthias Nagorni mana at suse.de
Wed Jul 28 05:18:14 EDT 2004


recently I rewrote QMidiRoute completely and obtained a utility that is 
useful not only for keyboard splitting:


QMidiRoute is a filter/router for MIDI events. Possible types 
include Note On/Off, Controller, Pitchbend, Program Change.
Events are mapped in one or several maps. Each map has an input and an 
output section. The input section determines the set of events which should 
be processed by the respective map. The output section specifies the 
modifications that are applied to the input event before it is passed to 
the output port.

If an input event matches several maps, each map will send an output event. 
The tab "Unmatched" specifies what happens with events that do not match 
any map. They can be either discarded (the default) or sent to a selectable 
output port.

Map settings can be saved/retrieved. There is also a cmdline option
for loading to allow easy use of QMidiRoute e.g. in scripts.

QMidiRoute also includes an event log window for note, controller,
pitchbend and program change events.

Feedback is appreciated. Maybe you can think of further use cases which 
require an extension of QMidiRoute...

Have a lot of fun !


Dr. Matthias Nagorni
SuSE Linux AG
Maxfeldstr. 5             phone: +49 911 74053375
D - 90409 Nuernberg       fax  : +49 911 74053483

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