[linux-audio-user] Running 2 soundcards...One Delta1010LT for Jack audio, SBlive5.1 for midi??

Russell Hanaghan hanaghan at starband.net
Fri Jul 30 15:23:06 EDT 2004

Have a question...

I'm trying to move ever towards eliminating Winblows. I have to come up
with a *bullet proof* method of running a solid midi seq alongside the
Delta for my fx and live audio processing.

None of the midi apps out there seem to work very well with softsynths
used for the GM instrument set. Fluidsynth, etc has it's issues and so
on. I don't own any hardware modules and don't want to if I dont have
to. I have been using Roland Virtual sound canvas, Yamaha sy-xg,
wingroove, Edirol Hypercanvas, etc on Win XP with Sonar for this
function and it works well.

I'm wondering, how might I run a SBlive next to the Delta and not have
them conflict. I guess I would have to run the SBlive in the OSS layer?
Then suffer from realtime issues again? Point being in previous
experimentation, the SBlive with a sound font loaded, at least behaves
more like an actual piece of hardware...It might play a little nicer
with Muse or Rosegarden...


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