[linux-audio-user] Your synth wishlist?

John Check j4strngs at bitless.net
Fri Jul 30 16:42:11 EDT 2004

On Friday 30 July 2004 06:02 am, Steve Harris wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 30, 2004 at 09:10:32 +0100, tim hall wrote:
> > <OT>
> > If anybody knows how to do this with QSynth / Fluid / Soundfonts
> > generally I'd love to know about it. This is one of the things I most
> > hate about soundfonts.
> > </OT>
> pitchwheel? (seriously) DLS or GM defines a standard range for pitchweel,
> so you could write/beg/borrow/steal some code to send a onetime pitchbend
> message over alsasequencer that would retune all the synths to a
> particular A tuning.

Hardware synths have a detuning parameter so it's an expectation for somebody 
coming from that world. 
IIRC Eastern orchestras tune to 438 and some Japanese stuff used to actually 
ship tuned thusly. I was surprised not to see a master tune param in the 
fluidsynth man page.

Seriously? That's a pretty gruesome hack. It'd do the job but it creates more 
problems than it solves.  

> Assuming the soundfont engine supports pitchbend, but I would imagine it
> does.
> FWIW my "less trivial" DSSI synth example supports retuning A, but in all
> other ways its completely useless :)
> - Steve

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