[linux-audio-user] Your synth wishlist?

Dave Robillard drobilla at connect.carleton.ca
Fri Jul 30 17:33:05 EDT 2004

On Fri, 2004-07-30 at 15:44, Mathias Lundgren wrote:
> > I really think that's something you should support if not.  I would
> > really like to use DSSI as super-LADSPA, "soft synth" be damned.  A
> > sampler plugin would be #1 on my list.
> > 
> > -DR-
> If linuxsampler provides the same gui/engine separation as fluidsynth
> does it wouldn't be difficult to wrap it up with M.E.S.S or DSSI and
> throw it into MusE or RG, together with a bank of good drumsamples and
> some preconfigured "drumkits". Not to mention all the other fun things
> you would be able to do... I don't know much about linuxsampler though,
> does anyone know how it will work with LADSPA-fx, routing and midi? Will
> it provide send-fx that could be controlled via midi, for different
> channels etc etc or? Hmm, better check the archives...

AFAIK linuxsampler is completely seperate from UIs, and talks via a
text-based IPC mechanism (which should be OSC IMO, but isn't)

That would be nice I suppose, but not my cup of tea.  I just want a
plugin that plays a single sample when a gate goes high, not a
monstrosity like linuxsampler.  I plan on writing one soon..


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