[linux-audio-user] Your synth wishlist?

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Sat Jul 31 03:37:17 EDT 2004

Last Friday 30 July 2004 11:22, Dave Griffiths was like:
> I'd also like to see (and I don't know if this is what Tim meant) support
> for scala http://www.xs4all.nl/~huygensf/scala/ everywhere like (I think)
> AMS has.

It wasn't precisely.

I was actually hoping for a simple A=[Hz] spinbox.
But now you mention it, I agree whole heartedly.

Actually, the more I look at this page, I'd say scala was _exactly_ what I've 
been looking for from a wider compositional point of view.
I'm very interested in the effects of using precise tunings and intonations as 
I perceive western 12-tone equal temperament to be not only limited, but out 
of tune. Obviously soundfonts aren't the way to go, if this is what I want, 
but I use them for roughing out MIDI parts and to save on resources for 
multi-part pieces. I shall have a better look at things like AMS, and 
obviously pd could be useful here.

Thanks for the tip :-)

tim hall

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