[linux-audio-user] Encrypted remote X11 app (Was Unencrypted remote X11 app, Was: headless audio apps)

Chris Pickett chris.pickett at mail.mcgill.ca
Sat Jul 31 20:20:22 EDT 2004

Malcolm Baldridge wrote:
>>That wouldn't affect the CPU load on a remote machine. The current
>>release uses SDL, which problably isn't very romte friendly.
> It *WOULD* affect the load on the remote CPU, after all, IT is the one
> really executing the code.  The "local" workstation is just doing display
> routines and is basically a terminal.  The "real" lifting is performed on
> the remote system.  Any "waste" within the Meterbridge processing code would
> be felt on the system which is actually executing it.
> Unless our terminologies are reversed: I usually refer to the X "server"
> side to be the remote, and the "display client" to be the "local".  My
> apologies if we're talking about it from opposite sides.

The X server is what you have on your machine.  It handles display 
requests from client applications (possibly run remotely).

At least, that's my limited understanding of how it's meant to work.


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