[linux-audio-user] Re: Getting audio noise through midi cable

Andrew Burgess aab at cichlid.com
Sat Jul 31 20:44:25 EDT 2004

>I have my keyboard midi ports connected to my computer through the
>game port on my motherboard sound card. It works fine, except I'm
>hearing some noise through the audio output on my keyboard when the
>midi cable is plugged into my computer. Whenever my computer is on
>(whether or not the keyboard is), I hear a buzz, and it gets louder
>whenever the hard disk is in use. Is there anything I can do to
>correct this?

I had some really strange pops and buzzes with a new soundcard yesterday,
Turns out I'd forgotten to go in with alsamixer and mute/turn down
all the inputs I wasn't using. The unmuted mic input was the problem
even though nothing was plugged into it.

Worth a try...

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