[linux-audio-user] midi issue and Event EZBus letter

Clemens Ladisch clemens at ladisch.de
Mon Mar 1 06:08:59 EST 2004

Kent, Gary wrote:
> 	Sorry for the general-ness of this message, but I have hooked up
> my Motu USB MIDI Express XT (thanks to Clemens) to my Linux Planet CCRMA
> box and it is being seen with everything falling in nicely; and I have
> the ability to make the connections in Jack.  I make them and use a Nord
> Lead II as my main controller, but I cannot get Muse or Specimen or
> anything MIDI related to see Midi events.  I see the signal coming Out
> of my Midi XT interface, but something is not seen in the applications.

Are there any suspicious USB- or MIDI-related messages in the output
of dmesg?

Does MIDI output work?

Do you see some data with "amidi -d -p port"? (see "amidi -l" for a
list of ports)


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