[linux-audio-user] shuttle xpcs as linux music boxes?

Richard Seymour nutate at speakeasy.net
Mon Mar 1 11:07:09 EST 2004

As a fellow muller, I've looked into the Shuttle xpc Zen.  It has an 
external powersupply, a la the apple cube, and is extremely quiet 
according to the people of www.silentpcreview.com.  Right now it only 
comes in a pentium 4 flavor, but they may release an AMD version.  It's 
biggest flaw is the lack of an AGP slot (it has builtin nvidia, and 2 
pci slots, I believe).  That wouldn't be any problem if you don't run 
any really graphics intensive games.

glyn wrote:
> hi all,
> i'm currently mulling over the idea of getting one of those really small 
> shuttle xpcs for use as a quasi-portable linux-based audio box/desktop 
> replacement, and was wondering if anybody had used them before and had 
> suggestions or encountered caveats/hardware problems/quality control 
> issues/etc.  apparently the amd-based systems use an integrated realtek 
> audio chip that is supported under alsa, but i'd probably put a better 
> audio interface in the one available pci slot anyways.
> thanks,
> glyn

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