[linux-audio-user] drum loops, samples,

Daniel James daniel at mondodesigno.com
Tue Mar 2 04:15:50 EST 2004

> Daniel, your observation for a lack of bass in the
> kick is likely my fault more than it is your small
> monitors.

On my work machine I have Celestion Ditton 10 speakers, which are very 
small monitors from the mid 1960s. They do sound sweet, but with a 5" 
driver and no tuned port they really don't have any bass thump at 
all. I guess they could be an indication of what the bass would sound 
like on other small speakers though.

I knew a band who used to keep a crappy tape player in their studio, 
the portable kind that has built-in speakers either end. When they'd 
finished a mix, they would run off a cassette copy and play it back 
on this machine to see if it still sounded good. (In those days that 
was the kind of equipment that a typical teenage music lover would 
own - I guess now the equivalent would be a portable MP3 player with 
nasty in-ear headphones...)


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