[linux-audio-user] how to make usb audio sit nicely with jack?

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Tue Mar 2 06:01:52 EST 2004

Kent, Gary wrote:
> Hi:
> 	I set up my USB 2-channel audio interface (Event EZbus) this
> weekend.  Amazingly, when I plugged it in, up comes this panel asking me
> if I wanted to configure it! I didn't expect to get even this much for
> something that had no driver! After a day of working with it, it came
> down to 2 choices:

What distro are you running?

> 	1) I could have my usb audio interface working, but not at the
> same time as jack or any jack dependent programs that I had set up (such
> as zynaddsubfx, muse).  Also, jack gives 'pcm' errors and then shuts
> down.

Could be many things. Do you have low latency patches installed? Is your 
/tmp dir mounted in RAM?

What period size are you using for jack?

USB devices work best at 48000hz, if you are running it at 44100 then 
you may need a very high period size. 2048 or 4096

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