[linux-audio-user] [ANN] alsamodular-1.7.6

Matthias Nagorni mana at suse.de
Tue Mar 2 13:57:39 EST 2004


AlsaModularSynth 1.7.6 is available from SourceForge:

- Speed optimizations give more voices in polyphic mode :-)
- Fixed support for sustain/hold pedal. 
- Added VC Double Decay (a very cool envelope, suggested by Fons Adriaensen)
- Added demos/example_vcdoubledecay.ams (velocity dependent). 
- Added Quantizer 2 (very simple module).
- Fixed VC panning module. 
- Added pitch-dependend panorama (note that offset and gain are functional 
  in this mode) in VC panning module. 

See *_pan_*.ams in the instruments folder for the new stereo effects.
Try out the different modes of the VC panning (especially "Sort by 
pitch"), where Pan Gain should be >= 1.

VC Double Decay is a double exponential decay. Ratio is the ratio of the 
two exponentials. Ratio = 0 will give the "normal" steady sustain. 
Ratio > 0 will make the envelope decay starting from the sustain level, 
much like in a piano or harpsichord. Citing Fons: "This is the correct 
model for a vibrating string that is coupled to a resonator or to another 

Have fun !


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