[linux-audio-user] FINALE 2000 - WINE ???

Mark Knecht markknecht at comcast.net
Wed Mar 3 13:28:12 EST 2004

   I think you're probably better off using Finale if you can get the
kinks worked out, but in case you can't here's one more to look at:


I've never used this one, but it looks pretty interesting...

Good luck,

On Wed, 2004-03-03 at 04:49, robcanning wrote:
> thanks for the links, 
> i had another look but still can't see anything up to scratch - i need a
> gui interface where i can to create large orchestral scores to
> publication standard, output and transpose instrumental parts, design
> and import non standard notational symbols etc. etc.
> besides this i have dozens of scores already in Finale that need to be
> accessible to me
> Finale is working pretty well under Wine but i would just like to iron
> out the few glitches that are there
> thanks again,
> rob
> the link to mscore seems to be broken, or the page is down...

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