[linux-audio-user] Digitech (DoD) RP-10 and Midi controlers...

Russell Hanaghan hanaghan at starband.net
Fri Mar 5 18:50:44 EST 2004

On Fri, 2004-03-05 at 14:32, Mark Knecht wrote:
> Steve Harris wrote:
> > On Fri, Mar 05, 2004 at 01:58:47 -0800, Russell Hanaghan wrote:
> > 
> >>Steve,
> >>
> >>Can you think of an implementation that I could use in AMS to do this
> >>with the "patch change" data being transmitted? Can I set up different
> >>patches in AMS, duplicate reverbs for instance, say one "on" and one
> >>"off" and change between them with the data already being streamed from
> >>the pedal?
> > 
> > 
> > I dont think so - I think you need another program between the midi in and
> > AMS, but MIDI is not really my thing. You could ask on the ams-user list.
> > 
> > - Steve
> > 
> > 
> I think we've had this discussion a number of times in different forms. 
> The issue comes up when you don't like the MIDI velocity mapping of your 
> keybaord and want to change the curves, or you want to use a keyboard 
> but create splits. I don't think we ever talked about receiving one kind 
> of MIDI data and turning it into a completely different kind of MIDI 
> data, but it falls into the same sort of problem space. (And an 
> interesting problem space it is.)
> In this very simple, sort of non-real time problem being discussed here, 
> I wonder is some smart scripting guy couldn't write something really 
> simple and just run it in an xterm? Could you pipe all MIDI data to a 
> little perl script of some type and then that script would look for a 
> certain pattern and output something to another pipe? I remember long ag 
> Paul DAvis wanted me to test my MIDI driver using dd just to see if it 
> was functioning. Maybe in a very limited sense you could make a little 
> program at the command line that would do what's required here?
> Easy for me to say since I don't have to do it... ;-)

I just went and plugged the pedal midi out into a cheesy little Yamaha
midi capable keyboard. The pedal does as Steve said...it changes patches
in the keyboard when I change banks on the pedal.

I knew there was a GOOD reason I became a picker and not a keys
player....MIDI is a PAIN!!!

Surely there must be a simple way to have some app in existence
interpret that patch change data into something I can use as controller
data or "note on/ note off" even. Thats all I need to be able to toggle
a volume or similar parameter in AMS to control output of LADSAP plugs.

Hell...I'm beginning to think spdt switch on the audio cable!! This is
too hard! :) But then I will learn nuthing willnt I!!


> - Mark

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