[linux-audio-user] Digitech (DoD) RP-10 and Midi controlers...

Anton Woldhek anton-w- at knoware.nl
Sat Mar 6 04:36:02 EST 2004

> In what way specifically do you think it is a solution?

Well within pd you could turn every midi data to something else. I dont know
anything about AMS (im just lurking here untill the day comes when i think
its time to make the big switch), but perhaps these reverb & delay effects
have a certain CC number?
Suppose it is that easy, then all you have to is put a program change object
in your patch and then add or substract untill you matchup the CC number,
and the values that you want out of it.

Mmh, maybe that doesnt sound to logical, but what you could do is have pd
transform a program change message to output a certain CC value to control

Hope this helps.

Otherwise come over to the helpfull people at


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